Soft-Tissue Lasers Can Comfortably Treat A Variety Of Oral Issues

An advanced dental technology that allows our team to perform a variety of procedures with greater precision and fewer side effects, at Childrens Dentistry of Texas & Orthodontics in Richmond, TX, we know that soft-tissue lasers provide highly focused beams of light energy, which can be used to treat an uneven gum line, a gummy smile, a frenum pull, and more.

Benefits of soft-tissue lasers:

Laser dentistry is more known to be comfortable than traditional dentistry techniques and tends to be more effective since lasers sterilize the area at the same time dental work is performed. Moreover, it provides the following additional advantages:

  • Treatments are minimally invasive & recovery time is reduced
  • The infection risk is low due to less tissue damage
  • Patients often experience less bleeding & swelling
  • Lasers enable dentists to be more precise in comparison to conventional procedures.

Is every child a candidate for this technology?

While soft-tissue lasers will be an option for a large number of patients, they may not be right for every child. If you’re curious about whether this technology would help your child, get in touch with us today for a thorough assessment.

At Childrens Dentistry of Texas & Orthodontics, we are committed to providing our patients with advanced dental care that’s effective, compassionate, and long-lasting! Contact us today to learn more about this technology and how it can benefit your child!


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  • Treat an uneven gum line, a gummy smile, & more
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Help your child experience a more comfortable procedure
  • Feel relaxed knowing laser treatments are efficient, safe, & effective
  • Prioritize your child’s smile!