Pedo Partials Can Help Restore Your Child’s Smile

Partial dentures that are custom-made for kids, a pedo partial can not only restore the appearance of your child's smile while preserving their natural tooth alignment, they’re also made to look and function just like adult dentures. At Childrens Dentistry of Texas & Orthodontics in Richmond, TX, we’re proud to offer our patients these natural-looking prosthetics!

How are pedo partials made?

We’ll start by taking an impression of your child's teeth, which we’ll send to our highly skilled laboratory professionals for a customized creation. Once they’ve completed your child’s partial, we’ll arrange an appointment to place it and assess its appearance and fit. When we’re satisfied that it looks and feels great, we’ll place and cement it in its rightful spot.

What are the benefits of pedo partials?

Pedo partials help maintain your child’s smiling and speaking confidence when they’ve lost one or more teeth due to injury or decay. They also make chewing easier while also maintaining your child’s natural smile alignment until their adult teeth fully emerge.

Interested in learning more? Contact Childrens Dentistry of Texas & Orthodontics today to discuss whether a pedo partial may benefit your child’s smile!


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  • Replace one or more teeth that have been lost to injury or decay
  • Help retain your child’s smiling & speaking confidence
  • Preserve their natural tooth alignment
  • Enable adult teeth to erupt properly
  • Prioritize their smile!