Composite Fillings Can Help Restore And Protect Your Child’s Smile

Used to replace areas of decay in teeth, kids composite dental filling in Richmond Tx helps to restore, strengthen, and protect teeth from further damage. At Children’s Dentistry of Texas in Richmond, TX, we’re pleased to provide our patients with this tooth-colored, mercury-free material to keep their smiles healthy and strong!

What is children's composite dental filling Richmond Tx made from?

Kids' composite dental fillings in Richmond, Tx are comprised of plastic and glass particles that combine with a resin bonding agent. They are customizable, meaning that they can be matched to the exact color of your child’s tooth enamel.

How are kids composite dental filling placed?

The procedure for children's composite dental filling Richmond Tx is quite straightforward. After a topical gel is applied to the area where the injection for the local anesthetic will be placed, our pediatric dentist will numb the tooth or teeth requiring repair. A small opening will be made to remove decay before an adhesive is applied. The Children's Tooth Fillings Richmond Tx will then be filled with a tooth-matching composite material that will be sculpted, polished, and checked for proper fit. The kids' fillings in Richmond, Tx will then be hardened in place with a dental curing light.

What benefits do children's tooth fillings Richmond Tx offer?

In addition to the fact that kids' fillings in Richmond, Tx look more natural than metal (amalgam) fillings, they are less likely to cause hot/cold sensitivity issues, and they require that less of your child’s tooth be removed for placement. This material can also be used to repair small chips or fractures in teeth.

At Children's Dentistry of Texas, we’re focused on providing the best dental care possible to our amazing patients. Contact us today to learn more about how children's composite dental filling in Richmond Tx can help protect your child’s smile!


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  • Eradicate tooth decay
  • Maintain more of your child’s tooth
  • Strengthen a tooth that’s been damaged by decay
  • Rest easy knowing composite materials are safe & effective
  • Protect your child's smile!