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Dr Vincent Luan

Dr. Vincent Luan, D.D.S.

Dr. Vincent Luan is passionate about providing his patients with the highest standard of dental care possible. He devotes himself to educating children and their families about the importance of prioritizing and maintaining oral health, and he does everything he can to make every dental experience fun, comfortable, and effective!
Dr Vincent Luan

Why I Became A Pediatric Dentist

In the seventh grade, I suffered a traumatic injury to my mouth, which resulted in a broken front tooth. My family often struggled financially, and unfortunately, my parents did not have the means to pay for me to have my tooth fixed. I remember feeling self-conscious, uncomfortable and would rarely smile. Kids often teased me and called me names, which greatly affected my self-esteem and confidence. After what seemed like an eternity living with my damaged smile, I was able to get my tooth fixed. Once again, I was back to the happy, confident young man my family, friends and teachers knew.

Adversity is one of life’s few guarantees. It comes in all shapes and sizes and we all handle it differently. It was because of this childhood experience that I chose to pursue a career in pediatric dentistry. I strive to help children feel confident and empowered by exhibiting a bright, happy and healthy smile.

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Dr. Alice Luan, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, DDS

Dr Alice Luan
Focused on providing calming and attentive care that puts even the most anxious or fearful patients at ease, Dr. Alice Luan loves getting to know her patients and their families, and devotes herself to delivering empathetic and effective dental services that enable patients to achieve and maintain healthy smiles for life.
Dr Alice Luan
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Dr. Manika Patwari, Board Certified Orthodontist, DMD, MS

Dr Manika Patwari

Dr. Manika Patwari is a Board Certified orthodontist who believes in changing the world - one smile at a time! She was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and was exposed to healthcare early on by her parents, both of whom are Pediatricians. Her own Orthodontist further inspired her and helped her understand how good dental care and healthy smiles affect our overall well-being and self confidence.

Her passion for art and science culminated in the start of her dental education in India. After earning her Bachelor in Dental Surgery and Internship, she moved to the United States and completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from Boston University. Subsequently, Dr. Manika completed her residency in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at Marquette University, Wisconsin, where she received extensive training in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and management of complex orthodontic cases.

Dr Manika Patwari

Karen Leung, DDS

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