Early Infant Care Can Help Protect Your Child’s Smile

Seeking out early infant dental care is an important part of caring for your child’s long-term oral health as it focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of issues that infants, babies, and toddlers may experience. At Childrens Dentistry of Texas & Orthodontics in Richmond, TX, we recommend establishing a "dental home" for your child by the time they turn one.

When do babies start getting teeth?

Babies usually have 20 primary (baby) teeth at birth, which typically begin to erupt at around six months of age. Generally speaking, the first teeth to appear are usually the lower front (anterior) teeth.

How can you protect your child’s oral health?

In addition to wiping your child’s gums with a wet washcloth in the morning and at night, be aware that tooth decay can and does happen in infants. You can help avoid issues by:

  • Not giving them milk or other sugary drinks in a bottle at night
  • Avoid nursing children to sleep
  • Do not put sweeteners on pacifiers
  • Avoid "at-will" breastfeeding once baby teeth have erupted
  • Begin weaning your child off the bottle around 1 year of age.

And, of course, seeing us for regular checkups and cleanings is vital to helping ensure that your child’s oral health is strong and protected, and that any developing issues are caught and treated quickly.

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